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Age: Mature

Tutor Subjects: Specialise in Foundation Phase (Grades 0 – Grade 4)

Studies: B.Ed degree in Foundation Phase; Diplomas in Child Care Education and Psychology and THRASS, ASB School Readiness and TEFL accredited.

My Story

I matriculated in Johannesburg and am a mother of three amazing children. I have been a teacher for over 28 years and in my experience, I have realised that because of the quick pace in the school curriculum, many children fall behind.

I am passionate about bridging the gap between grades. I have a significant role to play, helping children/students develop the self-understanding; self-esteem and self-reliance that will help them become keen and effective learners.

My philosophy is that each child is very special individual. My teaching philosophy is about exposing students to experiences and tools that allow them to test their understanding of information, ideas, concepts, strengthen existing capabilities and encourage new ones to emerge. I firmly believe that a good foundation will lead to them being happy and better able to cope throughout their school career.

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