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End of year exam workshops

We all know what stress the end of year exams can cause, especially when you are revising and there are some sections that you need help with.  Have no fear, Straight A Tutors is here!

 Watch this space as we will be running workshops for Grades 7 to 12, covering all subjects, over three weekends in October.

Study Skills Workshop

One of the biggest problems for children today is having no method of studying. The intention of these workshops is to rectify this situation, by raising awareness in children of how to develop and maintain a successful study ethic which will stand them in good stead for years to come. The courses cover aspects of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, management of the homework/study environment, memory techniques and dealing with assessments.

The skills and knowledge taught are used world-wide and come highly recommended, with notable success.

These sessions can be booked for individuals but closer to exam time workshops are usually run in groups, Grades 4 to 7 and Grades 8 to 12. The group sessions are limited to 10 children per session, to ensure individual attention can be given to each student.

For further details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

Motivational Speaking

I have vast experience in public and motivational speaking. I have been invited as a guest speaker to various schools, spoken at universities and at companies. As a disabled person I have faced many challenges and learnt to rise up to meet them.

I personalise my talks depending on the age group and general purpose of the talk. I can cover a wide variety of topics from bullying and the coping mechanisms that I have developed to how I became a successful teacher and owner of my own company.

I always close every talk with questions from the floor and I am willing to answer almost anything that the children or adults involved might have.

Every challenge is an obstacle waiting to be overcome. Let's overcome them together and grow as individuals, societies and as a country.

Other Workshops on Offer

An introduction to Maths

A more theoretical look at why we need Maths, what children need to succeed in Maths, a critical look at Procedural knowledge & Conceptual understanding and the importance of asking questions to lead answers and how it can / should be done.

Multiple methods to calculating the four operations, explained

This workshop looks at the various methods that can be used to successfully calculate the four operations.  Each method is broken down and explained in an interactive presentation. Advise is also given in relation to who would prefer each method and when each of the methods could be benefitial.

Maths & Writing, a Perfect Pair

An interactive workshop on how and why the two should go together.

Data Handling 101

A concise version of this presentation was presented at the AMESA Conference in 2011. It's a fun, informative and useful presentation that looks at everything for primary school & even some high school data handling, from data to graphs and related interpretation of it all.

An introduction to problem solving in primary school

This presentation looks at teaching problem solving and the useful ways in which it can be done.

Growth Mindset - What it is and why everyone should have one

An enlightening and multimedia rich workshop that highlights the fact that our abilities are not fixed. That with the correct mindset and intentional practice we can do almost anything.

SMART board, Word and Excel training at various levels and for various subjects

SMART training sessions are held by SMART Exemplary Educators which are specifically trained to educate attendees on everything SMART. Word and Excel training sessions are personalized to cater to the needs of the attendees and can cover a wide range of topics and skills.

For further details on any of the workshops listed above please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

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