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Darryn Cornish

Age: 29

Tutor Subjects: Maths and Physical Sciences

Studies: BSc (Eng) Electrical, MSc (Eng) Electrical, PhD (Eng) Electrical

Currently: Electrical Engineering, Software Development, Chair IEEE South Africa

My Story

I started out tutoring when I was 16. I helped other A-level distance learners from my college, the British International Distance College. I found the work easy as I enjoy the technical subjects most others seem to dislike. From this I found the fulfillment that comes from tutoring someone and seeing that moment when a concept "clicks" and all their struggles become worthwhile.

If university taught me one thing, it was how little we actually learn in school. This made me even more determined to try show people what it is they could do with what they learn, to see the truly incredible world they are only scratching the surface of and how simple concepts can be once explained properly.

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